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SEDI is a brand that embodies the spirit of the age, it is a reply to the over-perfec- tion, emphasis on the formality in consumer grade design and lack of emphasis on experimentation. This is embodied, design-wise, in the asymmetry of the pieces. This asymmetry communicates a desire to push life a bit out of balance, even by a small measure; to refuse, quietly and elegantly, the status quo and to introduce a bit of designed chaos to the industry.
Quality. Durability. Luxury.
Our entire collection is handcrafted with premium-grade, genuine leather. Offering an array of rich, vibrant colors in soft-touch leather, we ensure every pair is handmade with both the finest materials and workmanship from the body, the inner sole to the outer sole.


To Redefine The Fashion Landscape By Bringing Asymmetry, Disparity And Playfulness To Our Collections.


The founder, designer and namesake behind the brand, Sarah Eid - also known as SEDI back home - is a woman fueled by fashion and the space to play, explore and experiment within that very landscape.
As a creative with an eye for minimalism, modernity and unconforming artforms, Sarah has always been fascinated by the language of fashion. The ability to articulate personality, creativity and expression. It’s through her passion that she decided to pursue a major in Communication and Media Arts at the American University of Cairo. Honing her love for the creative landscape, Sarah decided to dip her pursuits into fashion by enrolling in a Fashion, Footwear and Production course. But beyond the glam of fashion design, she wanted to empower herself with a practical skill set in entrepreneurship so she could combine her passion for fashion with the power of business, to create a women-owned and operated brand. It’s through this spark of inspiration that Sarah went on to study Fashion Entrepreneurship at the London college of Fashion. 
Through her collections, Sarah hopes to inspire women to be bold, bend rules and above all, just have fun, allowing fashion to be a channel for creativity and personal flair.